"She burns the unfortunate Dido wandering through the city out of herself"
(The Aeneid, IV)
"I do feel that without you I could not live anymore"
(Berenice, Titus, act IV scene V)


One of Racine's alchemies resides in the way Racine fed on an Ancient soil to project his characters into his Judeo-Christian universe. If the Racinian characters' ways differ from those of the ancient heritage that inspired them, it is though impossible to conceive them without this heritage, without this foundation on which they are based, on which they stand, on which they stagger and collapse...
Like shards, fragments of The Aeneid (extracts from books I, II and IV), the Sack of Troy by Pyrrhus, Dido's farewell to Aeneas..., fragments of Andromache and Berenice, will stream out in the theorbo's resonances. Music, singing, words, uttering will in turn be bonds, breaks, passages. Solos, duets, trios will answer each other, will follow each other according to the form of the Récital de Textes.

The actor and the word. The breath, the deep breathing of the text, of the characters. Actors play the texts on the music stands, such as a music sheet. Behind the stand, the actor's body vibrates, his eyes glance at his partner, at the audience...and the spectator travels along with the virtual images suggested to his imagination.
Anne Petit




© Ralph Louzon








Direction, montage and lighting by Anne Petit. With : Christophe Allwright, Talou Calvet, Caroline Delume (théorbo), Patrick Palméro and Anne Petit. Music by BellerofonteCastaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lulli, Robert de Visée, Martin Wehrli and theorbo improvisations by Caroline Delume.

T.A.T production, co-directed by Journées Théâtrales de Carthage, with the support of the Embassy of France in Tunis.
First produced on October22, 2001 as a part of Journées Théâtrales de Carthage, L'Etoile du Nord Theatre,Tunis.