Anne Petit can provide a range of several activities

As a coach:

Directing actors, physical training (body and voice availability, energy channelling), words' dynamics, language and discourse mastering, specific tasks for foreign actors,

Improvisation (situations, characters…), improvisation and writing, literary text adaptation, work on the different forms of narration (writing and interpretation)

Reading and interpreting

Introduction to stage directing

These training activities are aimed at professional actors, dancers, singers, stage directors but can also be adapted to suit the needs of drama students, teachers, companies, foreign students...









As a stage director:

Specific interest for all projects with a musical dimension: original music, speech rhythm, mixing of different languages, singing, operatic singing…

From tragedy to contemporary literature, working on the core of the actor's part, resource focusing, gazing strategy, "solos"* large movements...

Performances, poetic and musical events.

* in the jazz sense of the world